🚜🌈 Sochi: A yield―generating protocol where fees and yield-aggregated products are shared cross-chain among all participants.

The Story
Behind Sochi

Families in El Salvador 🇸🇻 pay hefty fees. Up to 60% on small credits. We're changing this narrative by empowering them with Decentralized Solutions, and leveling the financial field.


Revenue comes from deposit fees across all chains and protocols. Assets are deposited into yield-aggregated products to maximize earnings.

Real Yield

A single place for cross-chain earnings. Add liquidity to Family projects in El Salvador to unlock up to 7% vAPY.

secured by the community.


Sochi's shared-revenue model enables anyone join our mission in banking the unbanked at scale. Low fees, and high impact.

How it works

🚜🌈 Join the

Sochi is under active development. We are looking for fundraise, and partnerships to help us scale our mission. If you are interested in joining us, participate in our GG19 Gitcoin Round, or invest trough Juicebox.

Beta Access